Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving and another london trip

So, reason it has been so quiet on this blog is because we moved and its been rather busy at work. But at least I have the photos to prove it! We did a bit of pub sampling in rome and at this pub called the scolars lounge, we found the height of americanism in the middle of italy.. these are called loaded fries. It’s a plate of chips, literally loaded with 2 types of melted cheese.. ben, all set with his guiness and chips.
a bus we were not going to squash on, all the way to the sunday market! transport is so overloaded! but at least there is transport :)

packing, packing..

saying goodbye

empty room

How on earth have we managed to accumulate so much stuff when we only arrived here with 2 suitcases?!

Ahh, did I say our apartment was the dirtiest place ever when we arrived. I don’t think anyone has lived here for a while so we arent just talking about a layer of dust that has settled on everything, we are talking about years of dirt and… there must have been a black dog that lived here… anyway, after a full weekend of cleaning it is now fit to live in but still jam packed with this ladies things. She lives in belgium and comes to rome about once a month. Suits us perfectly, we have the apartment to ourselves and theres a piano in the lounge!

Im busy cleaning the top window, if you look at it closely you can see where I have cleaned and where I havent
our new kitchen
and the new oven, its a gas oven. see more about this shortly, on my baking blog..

Then just after moving I went to london for 2 days on business…

window displays in oh so expensive Fortnyms and Masons

view from hotel

breakfast with toast and tea, must be in england!

cool stairs at our hotel


london underground 

Im getting very familiar with the scenery on the train from the airport to the centre of london and I know my way pretty well around bond street and the shops around picadilly but other than that, I still havent really been to london.

the british are so funny about having their pics taken

tea and scones! well mocha and scones

nina chose a raspberry tower.

and, the best news ever!!!.... Diego since being at the shelter has been adopted! we went to visit him yesterday and saw a note on his cage saying he was getting fetched that day! we are so so happy :) he was at the shelter less than a month and whenever we visited him, was much more lively and playful than any other kittens, i think this is why he got adopted so quickly! yay!

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