Saturday, July 16, 2011

A new family member...

meet our foster child diego, i found him last night alone in the bushes, he i about 5 weeks and very thin, i took him to the vet this morning where they gave me everything to fix him up and im fatting him up.

as i cant have a pet because my mom says so and because we live in a flat, we are going to keep him until hes 3 months old and ready to get his first vaccination, then he is going to a cat shelter in central rome

waiting for all the parasites to die so that i can pet him but hes very cute, i hope he will be alright

comparing him to the size of my phone...

anybody willing to adopt a very cute kitten, im going to train him well and he already uses the litterbox like a pro!

Tamarin goes to London!!

so, yes, i went to london on a 3 day business trip with nina who works with me and roberto our boss. we went to have a meeting with some clients from london. it went well and i saw london for the first time. only a small section around picadilly street but its was still awesome. stayed at a friend of a friends apartment in mayfair, forced to shop everyday, living the dream babay!

would you care for a shoe shine? and there are lots of fancy shoes to shine in picadilly street area

london transport

one of the many pubs in the neighbourhood

nina in shepherds market street

first night we had dinner at this little restaurant. i had steak pie! yum

the street below our apartment

shepherds market by night

a lovely breakfast at the apartment we were staying at in london

well if you need a doorstop.. why not get something awesome like this little guy!

another sculpture by this guy

its me! in central park london! and look, im cold! this day in london it was 40 degrees in rome

nina getting a pic of flowers in Central park for her screen saver!

delightful taxis i must say

london buildings

londons buildings..

this is a shop, called abercrombie. they sell very very expensive teenager clothes. look it up if youre near picadilly street in london. unmarked massive building with blacked out windows, you go inside and its like a club, low lighting, pumping music, hot teenage sales assistants dancing and tons of teenagers running around! its amazing like no shop youve ever seen, you must go see it.

first floor... hamleys!!!! i want to stay here forever

Harrods extravagant food area

the chocolate room... where we bought 20 pounds (the currency) of truffles and ate them on the spot. unfortunately this only got us a small bag of truffles

oh fudge, fudge, come live with me in italy and convince the italians that you are delicious!


Mat, camping indoors, mya the cat and more Skating pics...

guess who likes the bag you got for me mom....

... its Mya! having a great time hiding in things in our room

wait! i understand that this is boring to people in sa and korea but. its boiling hot here and this was our one freak downpour and massive thunderstorm at 9 in the morning, caught a shot of the hail here. coincidently while everyone was cowering indoors during this storm, two people in the centre of rome were waiting in their car for the storm to pass. probably a lot of people were doing this but, this guy was shot while his girlfriend was sitting next to him! it was a maffia murder! in the centre of rome! it was very big news

proud new owner of his first tent!

testing it out, mya also wanted to try

curious and curiouser, these humans are great, they build a house for me inside their room!

note the toplessness and shining faces! its hard to bring yourself to use the oven these hot summer nights!
a photoshoot of sliding

more pics from the skating mission the other day,

so beautiful, towns perched on top of hills

3, 2, 1... blast off

some more pics from the last skate outing

looks like a great curve...

spot the skateboarder

tons of tunnels

stopping for petrol