Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pasqua a Roma

first one of the season


smart cars apparently do this all the time in the neighbourhood around where we work.

got 30 euros anyone?

sunlight through the church windows

the aliens are here, theyve come for me!!

a harvest ceremony performance solo l'italiano. the women in white represent the 6 vestal virgins

natale di Roma. rome's birthday. it turned 2764 on 21st of april and there was an orchestral concert and a few performances and exhibitions on the history of rome which was cool. an orchestra was performing in the ruins with narrators, videos projected on the walls, it was great. funny though that in performances such as these where 70% of the audience are foreigners, they dont have subtitles?


more hot cross buns! easter is here baby

this is a person dressed up as a statue, posing for money

and we found the statue he was dressed as. he wasnt standing near it!

left my phone in this church and its amazing! there is a place on earth where people feel obliged not to steal!

the churches are just jampacked with decoration, opulance and hours of artists work

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Romadise in summertime

skateboarding by our house

view from the mountain they skateboarded

skating and holding a camera is awkward

at the end of the day they rested. and had prosecco (sparkling wine) and chips by the seaside!

could be in hondeklip baai


on a tram

one of the entrances to villa borghese

their gallery of modern art, much better than ours but the works are badly maintained

had to tear ben away from this one

i love it, they had some humour amoungst all the solemn marble statues

this is amazing. i thought it was a real suspended sphere. it blew my mind. four very big mirrors form a box which you step into. the end of the box is filled with about 16 screens with the same video playing on all of them. you step onto a 'suspended platform' and the mirror goes underneath it enhancing this amazing effect like youve just walked into the mainframe computer of the movie eagle eye and youre staring at this huge digital ball of light suspended in the air! anyway it was a amazing and for some historical exhibition in italian of course.

here you can see the end of the box and where the mirrors start on each side of the box

mosaics at the exhibition

villa borghese is beautiful

cute little ponies. the park is huge so theres all sorts of bikes and mini trains to take you around. alex is that you photo bombing my picture!

and we had a picnic on the grass

so cool! she just grew out of the plinth

the tiniest movie theatre

purple tulips out in full bloom

trying to get into the zoo through the back door

this resulted in a scraped knee and powdery white cap

just do it

these cool double bike carriages that you can hire

soccer on dirt

lovers on every park bench. at least they have benches here!

carabineri, scuse me wait, these are the other kind. there is military police and government police, cant remember which is called carabineri...