Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Habits.

This poor bloke was painting over graffiti on the wall outside his shop.

Went for a skate today. Was a nice break from things.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Early morning wake-up. Heading to the queue of the Vatican.

Musei Vaticano opening for free to the public on the last Sunday of the month.

The long ass queue. Stood for a bunch of hours.


Chunks of sculptures.

Dragon Ball Z sculpture!

Not sure if it was bronze, but it was awesome.

Tam discovering here Lacoon.

A Toe.

View of Rome from above. Note the Pope's tennis court.

Gold roofs are chic.

Tam taking a photo of the ceiling.

Freaking enourmous painting.

They even have a contemporary art section. Meet Dali.

More Dali.

Weird little pope figure.

Francis Bacon.
So the Vatican was pretty cool, for a museum. The queue was epic. We discovered, thinking that we had woken up early, that daylight saving had actually switched off and we ended up being late. Oh well. The reason we were there on this Sunday morning was because the last Sunday of the month is free to the public. So everyone and their grandmother was there. The reason why there are no photos of the Sistine Chapel is A: my camera died, and B: anybody who did, got lynched. Pretty much consisted of a bunch of security guards, and plain clothes, saying "Shhhhh!" and "No Photo!". Quite amusing. If you are ever there and you want a quick escape from the chapel to St. Peter's, pretend you are part of a tour group (or that you have a guided audio tour) and head out the back right door. Try disguise yourself with all the others exiting through the door as well. I dunno, it worked for us. Aside from waking up super early, it was worth it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skate Session.

For updates on skating in Roma: Arteechoke

Happy Happenings.


Picking and Paying.
Tons of cats.

And more cats.

Viles of poison!

Boxes of stuff.

Calcified crocodile tails! I think, I could be wrong. Still learning Italian ;)

Great selection of tomoto sauce. No Wellingtons!

Blurry sliding in Villa Glori.

The slopey pedestrian pathway hill we practiced on.

Spagna at night. Heading to Mondopop.

Mondopop exhibition.
Crazy Italian movie poster.

The store at Trastevere we were late for.
Interesting builing in Trastevere.

A crazy old door to a crazy old man's house. I think. We couldnt actually open it.

Shopping and organ conerto's

i think these are little chocolates. this was the window display for the shop so i guess, this shop sells these. but i think its quite strange

now this is a cool display. lois vuitton, well you can hire the best and spend the most

campo's flagship store

cars arent allowed in the inner city

about to enter the shopping district, and its not even tourist season

at a gallery opening in town

do you think they would give me some of these if i asked?

the metro line b has some old trains


outside the church

first gelato! pistaccio, chocolate and berry

words cannot

altar piece

we watched an organ concerto, so they switched on the lights

the ceiling of the church

millions of cartridges

lunch corner