Saturday, December 29, 2012

More holiday

a beautiful rose from a beautiful day

happy peas in a pod

market in muizenberg


Kirsty and Jared

eating cannelloni and parmigiana

born with style

the after party

the market at the old biscuit mill, the first time ever and it is so amazing

perusing the sales

the food market section

seapoint pools and a beautiful day being enjoyed by all

including us

tracey on vacation from the bundus

seapoint promenade

the seawater pool in the sea

gorgeous friends

and sisters

good weather and good times

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in the cape :)

Jen with her imported panetone

Clare and Max sitting in a tree

cute christmas gifts

enjoying  presents

celebrating with children

enjoying private secrets

exhorbitant amounts of gifts

surrounded by precious people

its christmas time

celebrating with panettone

laughing for the fun of it

that is a fillet steak and a chef doing the butchers job

me, clare and our beautiful baby cousins, Aiden and Leah

working off the food

new friends

the guys

the feast

Andrew and Sharmilla

eating, eating

Alexs first wine! very delicious merlot

the bunch of lovely people

the babies

human tree

grandmere and me

grandmere and james

lacy tops

Gavin and Jackie

Andrrew and Sharmilla

Granny molly and Grandad

Christmas is a time to love


maagies vol, oogies toe

2nd wave of presents

me skyping francesco filming jen and francesco adding snoring effects

very happy to be home