Monday, November 7, 2011

This is China!


factory in Shenzen

factory dorms where the workers sleep


tron buildings

hotel room andview from the 32nd floor

our shmancy hotel

this, is a chandelier

dinner, the live or marinating food is downstairs, you take your waitress, choose your poison and they serve it to you at your table upstairs. the choices are endless..

snake heads

water bugs

live snakes

quietly depositing/puking in napkins. no im joking

the restaurant

campo and co.

the light is always like this, this isnt mist. its the air. it is uncommon for them to see the sun on any given day

public sculpture i guess

tending their fields, for weeds, at the exhibition centre
exhibition centre in Guangzhou

dynamic team with silvia and nina

aching, my feet are aching. my kingdom for a chair


haaa, you see vat is whe i hit it yaaa. ayaaah

strange weather

hotel in shenzen, venuice themed, maybe they didnt want us to feel homesick. reminded me of canal walk

luxury is. having a balcony in a hotel room. it means youre expensive enough to afford to kill yourself 

beautiful koi fish, so many and so big
the pool at this beautiful place, i didnt want to leave
view from our hotel balcony
view of pool

more strange food

choose your victims

freshly squeezed apple juice!

my sweet sweet pidgeon

our host kept asking me if i was eating or if i enjoyed the food, i cant lie, i put on a brave face and tried very hard not to be rude, and ate lots of rice

foot massage where ben also tried an ear cleaning procedure which must have  developed from  cleaning naughty childrens ears out when they dont listen because it was apparently very painful. i looked at the bottle and read hydrogen peroxide and warning labels....

so ends our interesting experiance of china and hong kong. definately very different form europe, great for a break and a forced diet!

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