Saturday, December 29, 2012

More holiday

a beautiful rose from a beautiful day

happy peas in a pod

market in muizenberg


Kirsty and Jared

eating cannelloni and parmigiana

born with style

the after party

the market at the old biscuit mill, the first time ever and it is so amazing

perusing the sales

the food market section

seapoint pools and a beautiful day being enjoyed by all

including us

tracey on vacation from the bundus

seapoint promenade

the seawater pool in the sea

gorgeous friends

and sisters

good weather and good times


Anonymous said...

I would have liked to be there with you..


Anonymous said...

Hi - this is take 2 - I visited your spot because I miss you. Seeing your mom in the worship team on Sunday brought memories that triggered it! Lovely photos! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and new year. Lots of blessings - Nicky B. I like your cupcake version of the Keep Calm motto. Its translated in Afrikaans as Bly Kalm en Vloek Saggies - do that :)