Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just roaming around

accidents happen...
so! i have been VERY lazy and last month i didnt take my camera anywhere! so i had nothing to post. but... i will take more photos and post more in this easter month! here are a few snapshots, just roaming around rome, by day one way, by night another.

the president's residence

glittering shop windows all beckoning you into buy their designer chinese clothes

Sunday in a wet and lonely Villa Borghese. it took me so long to get there and when i got there it started raining!

Ben's friend 'Blacki' that greets him on the way to work.

photography im exploring at the moment

of course! cant have a post about rome without a few tourist shots!

...or a few tourists

or a cat. sitting outside your window.
promise to take more photos soon!

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Mat W. said...

Hehe, love the scooter-crash one!