Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nina's Wedding

the wedding of Nina and Francesco.
what a lucky guy he is!

so i arrived late, but just in time for the end of the service!

the church was beautiful, Santa Francesca Romana, a very old church in the very centre of rome

i didnt miss much... or understand much

the madonna... can you spot the child?
what a spectacular veil, made by Nina herself, the queen of lace

now i know why they took so long to come outside...

instead of  soft rose petals... Italians throw rice!!!! quite a storm and it gets stuck in the most inconvenient places, including Nina's hair

weather the weather whatever the weather, whether you like it or not

their beautiful baby daughter, Nora is going to be born on the 1st June. just look how beautiful she is going to be with those genes!

Roberto, Max, Nina and Francesco

a very happy couple

and away they go!

yes the church was right next to the colosseum!


#TheVessel Live said...

Lovely Wedding!Can't wait to see yours Tam, lol!

Ben Winfield said...

Beautiful dress!