Monday, September 10, 2012


Paris dawned. catching the early train to the airport, what a beautiful sunrise greeting.
Nina and i went to paris this weekend to see the shops and the trade fair. the weather was lovely and so was the food (i bought butter and fig jam back in my hand luggage!) just a few pics to share with you.
a oui, Pari! undoubtedly the best part of paris is the bread and pastries. nina and i walked into this shop and literally took one of everything, we were just pointing at everything. delicious delicious delicious from the salmon and spinach quiche to the small perfect choux pastry bites and apple filled flakyness

the terrace ontop of the La Fayette department store is amazing. if you want a free panoramic view of paris, go to the top floor of big department stores like this on or Print Temps.


streets of Paris

the view from our hotel balcony! what a good location, we were on Plaza Madelaine, perfect walking distance from everything central. im talking about shops not sights here. i was working after all.

Rome just has nothing on paris in terms of style and fashion

again, i see the lourve but cannot enter. next time next time

it was a beautiful evening and there were crowds of people.

after walking our feet into stubs we rewarded ourselves by coming here for dinner.  i asked the waiter if it came with bread, he paused and said Welcome to France!

more breakfast!

Nina left an Amorino in italy and found another in Paris. we arrived back in rome very tired with no feeling in our feet and brains mind blasted with information. but oui, france is beautiful.


Ben Winfield said...

Beautiful! I love that first photo!

Grant Schaefer said...

Awesome pictures. You have a real good eye behind the camera!

Anonymous said...

pics are awesome Tam; so great to see what you're doing and remember how much we love you xxx