Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chocolate festival

im getting rather behind in my posting! sorry about that. a while ago we went to a chocolate festival in a small town outside rome
the towns are built on hills becasue it was wet and swampy in the valley years ago and there was more chance of getting sick because of the wet environment

it was a beautiful day in Norma

fat happy horses

in the chocolate factory, some of the old chocolate moulds

he is rolling and cutting out of the dough, delicious fresh doughnuts hot out the oil that you can have plain or filled with cream or chocolate, when they are filled the italian name is 'Bomba' which means bomb, a calorie bomb

the fresh deliciousness

the entertainment

the person who finished all the chocolate!

the millions of paragliders taking advantage of the clear skies

this is norma viewed from Sermoneta, another small town on the otherside of the valley

the corteo of costumed locals who parade through the town. as before in Marino, every town has this kind of parade and they wear original, beautiful dresses and suit type things

the king and queen


there are 3 people sqashed in there. this is an alleyway, no claustrophobic Sermonettans here

the old castle where everyone followed the corteo...

to a show of flailing flags and proud townspeople, it was so realistic and these guys were so proud

and very good

leaving the castle

many movies have been shot here and they announced that another movie would start filming the next day in the castle

it looks like a film set, gorgeous

cobblestoned streets. its a beautiful little town full on interesting nooks and crannies to discover, very picturesque, worth a visit, about 1 hour outside of rome by train but u need a car to get up to the towns

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