Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Feasters

a happy Stacey

Face-size easter eggs, what more could you want! how about face-size 1kg extra dark chocolate eggs for 5 euros each, with a surprise inside!!

Colomba, traditional easter yeast cake with almonds, icing blobs and citrus peel. this one was 1.99 euros from Auchan, the biggest and cheapest supermarket in Rome.

yummy! a real roast lunch for easter sunday lunch! traditionally, italians have a lamb roast and some salami with cheese bread.

polizia lamborghini... what next!
people keep telling me that the police and politicians are corrupt here but you know, its just not that obvious!

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glenwinfield said...

Wow! A Lamborghini for high speed chases!!! Fantastic Easter eggs and well done on that Easter Sunday roast!