Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pasqua a Roma

first one of the season


smart cars apparently do this all the time in the neighbourhood around where we work.

got 30 euros anyone?

sunlight through the church windows

the aliens are here, theyve come for me!!

a harvest ceremony performance solo l'italiano. the women in white represent the 6 vestal virgins

natale di Roma. rome's birthday. it turned 2764 on 21st of april and there was an orchestral concert and a few performances and exhibitions on the history of rome which was cool. an orchestra was performing in the ruins with narrators, videos projected on the walls, it was great. funny though that in performances such as these where 70% of the audience are foreigners, they dont have subtitles?


more hot cross buns! easter is here baby

this is a person dressed up as a statue, posing for money

and we found the statue he was dressed as. he wasnt standing near it!

left my phone in this church and its amazing! there is a place on earth where people feel obliged not to steal!

the churches are just jampacked with decoration, opulance and hours of artists work

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glenwinfield said...

Great news about your phone, Tam! Sounds like Rome REALLY IS ANCIENT!! Great looking hot cross buns!