Monday, June 27, 2011

Beaune in France! wi wi!

so... my parents are amazing and gave us a holiday in france and switzerland!!! which was unforgettable. france is so beautiful and peaceful and so much delicious bread
this tiny little dwarf door caused a large bump on my head

view from the window, also...
my dad also brought me his old camera from SA so im taking professional photos now. except only uploading low res images. if anyone wants any of the images in high resolution just ask and il email them to you.

some seriously skinny 100 yr old stairs

was so nice to see my family again :)

walking to town through the vineyards

look at these cool gingerbread houses

miniature europeans

french gelatine cuisine

gigantic almond meringue

hotel dieu, hospices de beaune
an old hospital, well worth the visit. beautiful tiled roof


view from our cottage in the countryside

our 100 yr old country abode, beautiful weather, just relaxing in the sun

chatting up the statue


this is the courtyard in a small village outside beaune where my mom got my dads proposal letter.

found this gigantic horse

look at the beautiful buildings in this village! we couldnt stay long enough here

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