Monday, June 6, 2011

Naples/ Napoli in a blur

went by train to naples for the day on business (hehe)

visiting the leather factories and people who make our leather products, and they actually are, made in italy!

all sorts of exciting stuff like this lying around

yes, i see, two tone leather hmm, we make our products out of this, yes you saw them, oh. well have you seen my foot at the bottom! these are the glorious sheets of leather we make products from! theyre beautiful

surprisingly small workforce and everythings made by hand!

naples not so nice. we didnt see much of the city centre and only drove to and from the train station into industrial areas but i did see tons and tons of rubbish lying on the street just like here.

spent the same time travelling as we did in naples

italian countryside

so, naples is where pizza originated, the naplolians cannot resist stuffing you with their prized thick crusted pizza (which is different to pizza elsewhere) and it is delicious. their coffee is also much better than rome's and actually very palatable

the napolians were disgusted but ben was thrilled when i lugged back an entire pizza for him from the leftovers of our lunch.

flowers in our street are in full bloom and the jasmine! everyone has hedges of it lining everything, cascading over walls onto the street and im very glad, that im not allergic to it!
deserted office

happy to be working while evreyones taken the day off ben? no, neither was i

so we went to the beach in ostia, along with everyone else in rome, and their aunty! hot, packed and not  the cleanest water or whitest sand, thats if you can find a spot of sand to put your towel. wondering why this is my only picture of the beach? well, this character took the overtly perverted award of the day. he stood, fully clothed, no intention of moving, for about an hour, in the position you see him now. staring at the tanners and everyone on the beach in front of him. what took the cake was him pretending to answer calls while taking photos of the two topless german girls infront of us. we were very relieved when he finally left

beautiful and delicious macaroons, a gift from nina, she is so sweet!


Lynn-Leigh said...

I won't stop being supremely jealous of your travels in Italy!

Lara said...

Tam out of all my travels...Naples had to be the most disgusting, dirty, rubbish filled city! ...oh and apparently dangerous. We were told by the hostel owner to only take 20 euros with us when we went out and hide our bag straps, because people would cut them to steal our bags.
Anyway if you go back pleeeeease, pretty please go to the pizza shop 'Da Michele', they had the best pizza in Naples, best pizza in Italy, best pizza in the world....? Oh and also near by is Pompeii!!! You have to visit if you are into that sort of stuff, you will need a full day! The Amalfi Coast is also not far from Naples...Please go you would love it!

Peter said...

France here we come; well maybe not just yet!!