Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like sands through the hourglass...

excuse me, what?

hey, let me see what you drink in these cool glasses, looks good..
hey why do they make headsized glasses that taper at the ends? is this some sort of cruel joke? i just. cant. lick. that.  water..
hmm it tasty! qand definatly different to the water they give me to drink! oh and by  the way, i took my revenge out on these glasses, when i was playing with them. i broke two, leaving my owners to apologize, explain and replace.

first foccacia, take pizza dough, add all pizza topping excluding tomato sauce and cheese, fold into dough, cook in oven= delicious

happy customer

beautiful mosaics on the outside of a church

tram tram baby

ahahaha polizia and their modes of transport! how do they decide who gets  to  drive this and who gets the Lamborghini for the day!

at a birra artiginale which is like beer connoisseur restaurant

they also made this bitter ginger drink which was quite nice

and delicious home made crisp/fries things. but the best was the tasty tomatoe sauce, it was so full of flavour!

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