Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our foamy holiday week

This is where the foam started... our washing machine over flowed, too much foam it seems

hehehe sweet revenge, no. we didnt put him in there, it was fun to think about it though!

in the back corner of this photo is where the Largo Torre argentina cat shelter is, this is where diego is headed in 2 weeks time. he gets to play amongst all the ruins

some of the cats at the shelter

there are just fat cats sleeping everywhere and you have to watch your footing. and they are huge! the one looked like a lion cub, quite scary but he loved being scratched and was very friendly

Diego in his carriage, heading back from the shelter, after getting his first vaccination

ahh he looks so peaceful and sweet... dont be decieved

looking out onto Piazza Navona

this is a very interesting church ceiling. i have never seen anything so different and dark as the centre piece of a church ceiling. it is a painting on a completely flat round panel and painted to be viewed from this direction only. the painting is of an old dusty dome with lots of cobwebs etc. its quite bizzarre

yay! an irish pub! called Trinity College, we stepped in here for a bit of aircon  and cool-off. tempretures have hit 35 and climbing..

we went for a holiday for one night to Country Club CastelFusano, its a really big kind of  holiday village. while we stayed in a bungalow with aircon! yay! and fridge, you can stay in houses, tents, permanent tents etc and all very well priced. there are also permanent holiday houses which italians buy and then spend the summer here with their families. its a really festive place. we each got our own double bunks in our bungalow!

they even have street names its so big, we needed a map to find our way around the maze of holiday cabins.
on the left of ben there is an enclosure and guess what they keep in here...
wild pigs! and there are so many, they must breed them to eat or sell?

some holiday houses

and the reason for the visit.... the pool, the lovely pool.

they also have killer deck chairs which have things to keep your face in the shade

the left half is our bungalow. very nice at a good price

we even had time to play cards. splash our patriotism around

and at night this is what the families with kids do, after a big family supper. We walked past all the cabins with families round their supper tables, very cosy. so this is a stage with musicians who sing popular kids songs. we were watching when suddenly crowds of girls and ladies swarmed to the front and began to dance the same moves, like a rehearsed dance! was the wierdest thing! and this continued for many songs

like puppets they knew all the moves!

In the background are some stalls and it really was quite fun. this area was quite devoid of young tourists who swamped us at the pool. we found out that they were all at...
the foam party! so we joined the teenagers there for a while. it was quite a lot of fun! except for the italian boys making  a nuisance of themselves and spoiling all the good fun.

not a place for glasses

like having a big communal bubble bath, with music and a whole lot of german teenagers!
and thats all for our holiday and its back to work tomorrow. yay.

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