Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back in the SA

just to give you a taste of what we've been up to since returning home...

this is what a real steak looks like

barn dance and cowboy parents who took best dressed couple prize!

ben and matt who won an emergency first aid course! yay

christmas puppies nogal

and czechy had puppies while we were at the farm

wait... this was... oh yes now i see her, Alex!

the chickens gave my little cousin leah poxes for christmas

swimming at the dam with my bestie and co.
and when we were at the farm... we play dangerously
uncle andy 
swimming at the waterfall on the farm

what boys do the day before a wedding

what boys do the morning before a wedding

what girls do. the beautiful bride Jen the co-star of the most awesome wedding

me, alex and victoria

we really missed you clare

the bridal party

the bridesmaids were kitted out from head to toe. this was a VERY well thought out wedding! and it turned out perfectly

whats that? the bride stealing lindt balls from the desserts table before it opened! just because she could!

the beautiful decor

sweety table!

one crazy redhead bride!

gotta love her

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Kirsty* said...

Beautiful <3 xx