Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knysna-time when the weather is fine

spending new years in Knysna is a popular thing to do. the weather is almost always fantastic and the water temperature in the lagoon doesn't get below 20! sound like perfect living conditions! Mischief and Ben

on the rocks by the Knysna Heads, what a beautiful day and place to be!

everyone swam! perfect weather for snorkelling and getting a good burn! Glenda stepped on a sole and  very admirably stayed in the water!
what could be better than this?

What can drown in ankle-deep water...

New years! we literally jumped into the new year and plan to hit the ground running

arriving home from our new years festivities and a lantern landed in the garden! for new years in Knysna  a few people set these lanterns afloat and they look beautiful floating above knysna (like the lanterns in the movie 'Tangled). we were actually wondering where they land!

we went for a walk in the forrest around knysna

family photos

this part of the forrest is better preserved than others and there are some huge and beautiful old trees


its nice to be so close to nature again

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