Saturday, February 4, 2012

SNOW in Rome!!!!

yup thats me, looking like an idiot with my head in the snow, but it sure was was fun!
the snow started falling yesterday and fell all night long

then in the morning there was a beautiful thick white blanket over everything

waking up to this view

out the kitchen window

the snow fell so softly, it was so fluffy and fun

we and many other romans went on a snow viewing adventure. can you believe it, they even have a snow plow! its the first time its snowed in about 20years or something

bad luck for this tree

and this person

and this guy too.

for ONE day, ONE day the streets of rome were empty and there was quiet

all the kiddies playing and everyone just walking around in a happy daze, loving the snow.

this nice man even took a photo of us

mx-5 for u dad :)

and who would have guessed they had chains for the bus wheels so at least the entire city did not come to a standstill

people just walking around taking photos. everyone was in awe

beautiful frosted trees

ben's snow angel

the streets we always walk

all the trees and plants did not know what was potting! dogs were howling and cats  tip toeing around

mm fresh snow

another way to eat it

or throw it at oneself

yay my first snowman!

shame, we left it outside to fend for itself and when we came back, someone had wrecked it!

the sun came out and everything started melting
now for a bit of comic relief. these people mime for money, but this is the first mime we saw dressed like this!
and then of course there were many.
the lights down via del corso. all. the. way. down.
it was also my birthday recently, this is what i woke up to :) thanks Ben!

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