Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goodbye sunny skies

the last photos from south africa... for a while

desserted beach bliss

buffalo bay in full swing

riding back to knysna

the moment of truth

the evil micheoww

Diego finally warmed up to me when we had to leave

almost tame..

there we go


scratching in the patch

relaxing in the patch

fun in Simons town with Peter and Cally

poitjie kos

walking up lions head at dawns crack

it was amazing. shannon from england taking a photo

view of signal hill from halfway up lions head

rock climbing up chains to get to the top 
the crowd who managed to wake up

and after the hike, we collapsed on the beach to soak up the sun for a while


puppy mayhem! 9 bundles of cuteness

mom and Czechy

puppy in my pocket

and Clare! returned from Brasil still beautiful and happy, just the way it should be.

and.. we're back in Istanbul, waiting to catch our connection to rome. so we said, hey, we are actually in Turkey, why not buy ourselves some Turkish Delight! so we did, and it was delightful.
and.. we are back in rome. oh joy.

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