Thursday, March 7, 2013

February from Francescos new camera

so this is february from Francescos perspective because for his birthday i gave him an expensive canon camera and am forcing him to use it as often as possible to settle my mental debt, i still start sweating when i think about it. AAnyway... this is at an art exhibition. even though we live in a shoebox, at least its a shoebox in a fantastic location, almost in the centre of rome. and a 5min walk from one of the biggest galleries in rome Macro Testaccio, aaaaand most of its halls are free! yeah! bonus so this is an exhibition that was very interesting and Tron-like. can you guess what this wall is made of? but better yet can you guess what the orange light is?

this is also on at the Macro, its called the big bamboo. its up for about 6months and you can walk up inside it. it is incredible

so this is it from the outside, a towering organic mass of bamboo. from far away it looks like theyre going to burn down the gallery and are starting with this big bonfire!

lots and lots of work went into this
there is even a small stage and seats constructed around

did you guess yet what these are?
theyre plugs!! all plugged into one another and at the end is the switches making a tron like stripe

we went to an american chain restaurant for sunday all you can eat ribs. they were pretty good. except for the sauce frank says. but for snacks they gave u this HUGE bucket of peanuts, blergh. this is francesco trying to describe how he looks when he eats nuts, before he dies...

yup its still cold in rome you lucky sa buggers!

this is when we went to Terni to visit Raffaella
up close and personal with an altar piece

franks dog nichname 'polpetta' meaning- meatball. looks like maaa sheep to me

valentines day came and went without much fuss
present for frank in favourite soccer team

presents for work colleagues. cute poh bear biscuits. to see more see this blog post on them here:  valentines day biscuits

driving in me car da da da daaaada, oh ya right

im driving on the  train da da da daa

this is his sophisticated look

digging biscuits at the moment

this is the come to italy or il call all my mafia friends on your ass look

im hypnotising you look

sausage festival.. thats the town on the mountain in the background

and the town above which is very cute

although frank can take some freaky shots of normal looking things. like little blairwitch kids are running around here

theres one now!

after we had a complimentary minibus ride up the hill to the town and expressedly telling the idiot driver that we would need a ride back. he was nowhere to be found. so we walked down the mountain back to the festival which was pumping by the evening

photo bomb bomb photo bomb bomb photo bomb boooomb. we didnt win anything from the draw, could have won a scooter or bicycle but we didnt. we just ate sausage ciao for now

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