Monday, April 22, 2013


the other weekend i joined my parents for quick break in Budapest, arriving 1am thanks to ryanair, had a cooshy sleep in my parents hotel and woke up to cloudy budapest. but first! some real canoli made it all the way from sicily, wait no, just rome in my suitcase! a taste of italy  before eating everything else in hungary!

they have many very cool sculptures

twins basil!

this is a window inside the church that was next to our  apartment

there was a mass on when we went inside

and this cutie was running up and down the aisle

and this is the view of our apartment from the top of the church. our apartment was the building in the middle of the photo, our apartment was 2nd floor, the 3 windows in the middle

it was thiiis big

and this is inside the dome of the church, very technical

riding the hop on bus and jamming to the awesome background music!

quite an dramatic sculptor who created this  angel

the lovely couple

there are even statues of dogs

hungarians are great striders

they have amazing buildings

spot the dad!

coloured tiles

mosaics in the baths, the hot baths we went to were in a neoclassical style hotel, gorgeous building, rude people. we got a 3 course meal and bath ticket, except you eat first then roll around the bath house in the maze of changerooms and rude hungarians looking for a bath. the hygeine part freaked me out a bit, all those people, only so much water...

very cute bar in a market on the piazza had some good hot chocolate and mulled wine. except we were speculating what they do with the food... the next day the lady we were buying bags from violently protested when we said we were just going to think about it over some lunch because... they just leave the food there, in these big woks, open. overnight and reheat it the next day.. and noone knows how old it is... 

i am the icecream

dad and i on the hop on hop off

spot me!

im hanging with the giants

great mixture of architecture

yummy sweet treats

the great market hall

think deep fried pizza with sweet topping of your choice, now you see a langos..

now you dont! my mom had this treat down in her list of things to do in budapest, tick!

building built for the houses of parliment, what a palace!

each bridge has a different style

this one was designed by the Eiffel group, the same people who designed the Eiffel tower

the caramelized nut

our awesome apartment all to ourselves and in the centre of budapest looking onto a busy square and  the giant church we were on top of in the other photos. it was like 20euro a person a night! i was impressed, if you ever need accomodation in budapest look up Pals hostel. they aown a group of private apartments and our was fantastic, we just wanted to stay inside!

more beautiful decoration

asking for directions

playing with the cats

a castel and in the winter there is a massive iceskating rink around it! how magical

a giant pretzel monster!

and finally we collapsed in the cat cafe. that is a cafe where you play with the cats!  i think its great, and so did lots of other tourists! had a great time in budapest with the parents, we could have been anywhere it was just great to see them. until the next trip!

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Ben Winfield said...

It looks really amazing :) I'd love me some deep fried pizza ;)