Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The sisters come to Italy! part 1

a wifi break

eating at castelli  romani

with Matteo!

alex and clare went to Pompeii



big lemons in Naples!

toasting limoncello

the guys who survived pompeii

the smoking mountain

back in rome saluting moses

cant top that

in the garden of oranges

found him on a train to Taranto

curious magazine stands on that train!

beaches in the south of italy

those juicy melons!

we just wanted to eat was watermelon all day long

look mom we matching

this is at francescos parents house. it says: in this house we are all irritated, including the dog

the sinister factory always chugging away

absolutely starving, wolfing down pizzas before running to our appointment at...

the caves

its like a prehistoric wonderland

this is a formation in the shape of the wolf that is the symbol of rome

this is the symbol of south africa

actually youre not allowed to take photos...

then we went to Polignano al mare... little cute town

the sleeping scaries

the Trulli, a typical Pugliese roof construction which looks strange and makes no sense

the view on a scenic drive... all the green u see is olive trees, ancient gnarled olive trees


and this is the white city, Ostuni, home to cheap leather sandals, all under size 8 sorry for alex

its all in the hand gestures, guess what it is... an octopus duh!

shopping shopping

the closed church


stopping for an aperativo

hair raising morning

grandad and baby

Francesco and Nicola picking fresh fruits from the garden of eden

a vesper obstacle course!

The Churchies angels

taking a walk around old Taranto

francescos niece and Nicola


and before clare got to italy...

we went to this cave called the Turkish cave

theres lots and lots of steps

its a beautifl place but no swimming allowed

and a mermaid


trying to catch water droplets

and the climb back up...

we went camping on the beach in Gaeta

and got fined by the police the next day at 7am


the beach at Gaeta

then Clare arrived!

this is us before we got a tan in all those other photos

girls exploring rome

with the best Italian guide

the Pantheon

spot the Alex...

the fountain of love-ly ladies!

alexs hotel

spanish steps

tough times

piazza navona









divine encounters

more icecream and more photos to come when its cooler and my ancient computer isnt burning holes in my legs trying to work!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for episode two!

Lara said...

Awesome stuff!