Sunday, July 28, 2013

The adventure continues.. part 2 of the sisters visit in rome

one of the best finds at the vatican..

and the other!

and Aiden my little cousin was there!

hey we're on the map at the vatican!

checking out the popes rides

at the Colliseum

looking from the roof terrace into my apartemnt
waking up early to head for our beach holiday!

fisrst stop... Tuscany, where they eat lots of offal and even sometimes, calf brains

but we just had pasta

... in florence!

at the basilica

at a great look out point...
...having a drink with a view

strange sidewalks

you could even get tailor-made shoes

the jewels of the jewellers bridge

and THE BEST wine bar in Florence!

finding our way

beautiful public sculptures

after walking firenze flat and staying in a great hotel for the price of a hostel, we hopped on a train to the Cinque Terre

those poor tortoises
making friends

and enemies

finding empty churches to fill with songs

sleeping in Hostels... theres a first time for everything...

and beaching!


oh thats my holiday house on the right

after successful hunting we fed on the hostel terrace

kept diaries

swam in the crystal waters

we hired a pedalo, ate watermelon and had the best time of our lives on this beautiful  coast

we even bought an umbrella

walking from town to town

this was one of the 5. the 'harbour' is rockpools where people can cool off


each of the 5 towns is perched along the coast and accessible by train or by boat

and after a distant hostel and interesting lift back to the station we dropped by...

Pisa for a few hours. ps. they have very strong winds...

and minions

and after our spectacular excursions we got on a train and rode weeee all the way home! we were the only ones on the train so we dressed up as bergies in disguise

hunting for snacks

back iin rome in st peters cathedral with all the masses of tourists again

and at a viewpoint in rome

eating fruits from the fruit bar. i think watermelon was our theme food for this trip, its all we wanted to eat

the best handcrafted beerbar in rome

eating a 'good' pizza from a Napolitan restaurant and NOT be a roman pizza which are typically cracker thin and burnt
and thats what life was like for a short part of this year! pity time fly's so fast and worlds are so far apart. xxx

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