Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An English summer...

starting off my holidays in Birmingham with Robyns family

in a little house with a lot of characters, the time flew by

Meeka was shedding her coat, all over the house

we went to museums

food fairs in the *gasp* sunshine!

was so so lovely to spend time with family

making meeka jump for her dinner

flying kites

flick flacking our way around parks

playing the part

our previous house

in another life

exploring the history around Birmingham

cooking medieval dinners

finding true knights in the attic

frolicking in the fields

listening to world class entertainment

in the comfort or your own room

taking adventure trains to Shakespeare's birthplace

with knitting!

finding doors just for you

sometimes youre afraid of the light

the local crowd at Stratford Upon Avon

full of tourists

and flowers

more flowers

and Cally was there!

matching nails

and then i went to Callys house in London. and for the first time in a very long long time i had pancakes for breakast. and for possibly one of the first times on my life, someone else made them for me! what a royal treat Thank you so much Cally

we made our way, on this rainy day to a quaint undercover market and had delicious baked goods

saw a few national art galleries that deserve a second look. some pretty famous names in there

had a delicious pub meal, compliments of Peter. and i am looking forward to reciprocating when you two come visit me in Rome!

pub culture, anything you order to drink comes in sizes over 500mls...

scenic bus touring 

the tartan twins

taking a tour of london,, here is the london eye

Buckingham palace

thanks so much for welcoming me into your London home and guiding me around from sites to south african shops!
was so good to be among friends!

we met Callys cousin and her cute kids in the park for a quick icecream

and then it was back to the steepest stairs in Birmingham!
and the holiday seemed very short indeed. Thanks for having me everyone! i had such a great time i didnt want to leave. until next time...

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Kirsty said...

Such lovely photo's Tam!