Tuesday, April 5, 2011

foto foto

this is how they beg in italy, and they dont move. they just sit motionless all day

the concept store that is oficially employing us

gelato is delicious

this is an illegal photograph taken at an exhibition after the guard told us to stop taking photos! but these silver balls?! cool hey, they were all around the room

bens new tshirt. from grand theft auto

the Pieta

in St Peters cathedral

this is an amazing bronze sculpture, way larger than life and hiding in an alcove

in vatican city. of course you can tour these 10 acres of garden, at a price and on a private tour

an unfinished painting by LEONARDO DA VINCI!! and a photo bomber, i would love to have counted how many photos we bombed that day

roman nose?

the roman socialites

oh mummy

just look at the size of this painting!

vatican museums

all the ceilings look like this

every surface of the vatican is decorated, this is painted on a wall


Johnny said...

Can I say it again? I am SO jealous!! Just enjoy it for us also.

glenwinfield said...

Am also GREEN!! What awesome experiences you're having!!