Sunday, April 10, 2011

Porte Portese. Auchan. Good Food.

The market at Porte Portese.

Basically store after store of similar items.

Get your animal skins here.

Waiting for the bus to work.

Giant strawberries.

Walking to work.

Auchan offers fresh horse. Mmmm...

Good ol bio fillet for 21 euros.

Something to do with enforcing speed.

The most awesome meal so far. And the most meat we've eaten in a loooong while.

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Joe said...

So we would then assume that BILTONG doesn't feature up there north? I came back form an awesome week trip inot Namibia a while back with a good stash of Namibian Biltong, so much that Milo(our Jack Ryussel) gets her daily piece, Eat ur hearts out you two