Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mat, camping indoors, mya the cat and more Skating pics...

guess who likes the bag you got for me mom....

... its Mya! having a great time hiding in things in our room

wait! i understand that this is boring to people in sa and korea but. its boiling hot here and this was our one freak downpour and massive thunderstorm at 9 in the morning, caught a shot of the hail here. coincidently while everyone was cowering indoors during this storm, two people in the centre of rome were waiting in their car for the storm to pass. probably a lot of people were doing this but, this guy was shot while his girlfriend was sitting next to him! it was a maffia murder! in the centre of rome! it was very big news

proud new owner of his first tent!

testing it out, mya also wanted to try

curious and curiouser, these humans are great, they build a house for me inside their room!

note the toplessness and shining faces! its hard to bring yourself to use the oven these hot summer nights!
a photoshoot of sliding

more pics from the skating mission the other day,

so beautiful, towns perched on top of hills

3, 2, 1... blast off

some more pics from the last skate outing

looks like a great curve...

spot the skateboarder

tons of tunnels

stopping for petrol

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