Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Bombing" Gran Sasso.

Today we decided to go and skate Gran Sasso. Translated it means Great Stone. Well on this fine sunny Summer Saturday afternoon there was none of the snow that usually covers these rocks during the Winter months. All that was to be found were literally a great load of stones. Even the road was stoned. 
After not adventuring to faraway places to skate in some time we headed to this "unknown" location. The only thing we had to go on were some images from Google Earth, showing some amazing turns, but as we know all to well the old Google can be a bit deceiving. 
The hill itself is situated about 160 km outside of Rome. Without access to a car, journeys like this would never be possible, but luckily fellow Roman skater, Andrea, allowed us a lift in his car so all was good.

Top: Image on Google of the mountain.

One of the many tunnels you have to take to get there.
Head up and behind that "hill".

The first hill we skated.
And off we head. Left to Right: Antonio, Me, and Andrea.

Antonio and I at the bottom. My feet were itching my board was vibrating so much.
The second hill had this sexy sign at the top.
And my already Holy shoe became even Holier.

Taking in a cold one at the bottom. Note the ice-pack on Antonio's shoulder...

Special thanks to Tam and Mat for taking the photos. 

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