Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beach.

So the beach. What can I say? A place to spend soaking up the sun, to swim, relax and just have fun. Well Roman beaches are slightly different. Sure there is a lot of sun, swimming, and relaxing. Heck, there's even a lot of fun, but some times, just some times, it can be a right pain in the bottom!
Today's beach experience started off hot. Then it got even hotter. We decided to take the metro line from Piramide all the way to Cristoforo Columbo, thinking that the beach there would be slightly better than the last time. This was not to be the case. 
Italy has this unnaturally annoying habit of making every section of sea-side a private beach. Something we had known before, but did not fully known to what extent. The result had us walking  back in the direction the train had come, maybe 2 or 3 kilometers, before the private beaches gave way to a public beach. Just to clarify, a "private" beach can be attended by anyone willing to pay the entrance fee. And a "public" beach, well just imagine Durban beach on boxing day. Need I say more.
The beach we eventually found, right next to one of the public beaches, ended up costing us €3 (the 600ml Peroni we bought was €3 too). The experience in the end was actually quite pleasant. Lots of brown bodies, warm water, and tiny-winey speedos... The first two being a great deal better than the last. Oh, and we only saw one pair of boobies this time.

Private beaches on the left.

Mat keeping off the hot tar.

What's that? A public beach??

You know when its a public beach when you hear "Biera Aqua!"

Another public beach!

And finally our spot!

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