Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Diego the kitten, exploded beer, church seeing etc.

I'm watching you Wisowski, always watching...

snack break

the following photos you are about to see are Diego and his scheme to worm his way into our hearts and stop us from taking him to the shelter.

on a particularly normal day...
we gave him someone his own size to pick on
hahahaha! he only just started doing that at this stage

this is in the window of a chinese massage place, so cute and they even threw in a mini coffee set for the italians


whats that ben? you bought another pair of boots?! how could you!
Ben's daily slide to work

rent can be settled in one note...


A church of a martyred saint..i forget
Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore seeing some more churches with matthew\

the floor of the church Santa Maria Maggiore, when you go in here, dont look up, look down, the floors are so beautifully tiled

the famous mosaics of Basilica di Santa Prassede, very very old church

now kids, dont forget your beers in the freezer...

finally, here is the pic of dan in rome
romans also play pass the parcel
always end on a happy note: happy four year anniversary Ben, love you like we were first years


Anonymous said...

Diego is TOO cute!!!! And the churches are gorgeous!!

Kirsty Kim said...

Diego is TOO cute! And the churches are incredible!!