Friday, August 5, 2011

Random pictures that got lost along the journey but deserve to be seen all the same

Pictures that were misplaced or i was too lazy to upload i suppose :) teehee!
this someones birthday celebration at work. ben and gianni

building in Dijon, France

another building in france, that ben and i in the reflxion on the left, and also on the right!

building in Dijon

mini street light in france, so cute!

the last company dinner we went to at navona notte near piazza navona

primi piatti

ben and gianni again

On a great holiday in Beaune France

anybody seen ben?

france, the land of dreams

france had a lot of mini things...

but this is in italy, mini tic tacks

jelly babie in the park, my favourite thing!

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glenwinfield said...

Thanks for these extra pics!! Any more hiding perhaps?