Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terme di Caracalla (baths of whoever that is), and a bit extra

on the way to the ruins of one of the main roman baths in the city.

they are really impressive ruins, very high walls but completely destroyed. except for some of the mosaics on the floor, this place would have been amazing in its former glory. its a really gigantic complex and could hold 2000 bathers at any one time.

some of the left over mosaics

one of the main warm pools would have been in front of where im standing

better preserved mosaics, its quite trippy walking on contrasty modern looking mosaics that are as old as the massive ruined walls all around you

mosaics that covered the walls lie in pieces on the floor

some mosaics for you cally

this is no longer at the baths, we were somewhere below the collosseum, looking for a park

just walking around.

and we found a park eventually. if you are ever at the collosseum and youre looking for a nice park to eat your lunch. go to the colosseum metro entrance, facing the collosseum turn left and  cross the large traffic intersection, head through the gates and find a shady spot. we camped here for a while, drawing and eating, while we were here...

... we saw 2 bridal parties come to get their pics with the colosseum in the background, how romantic. couple number 1. we saw this pair catching the train a while later, not cool on your wedding day, not cool!

the second bridal party were the real italian deal. with the cars and fashion to prove it. how about this for a patriotic wedding!

then back at home. wanted to show you.. yes, our bathroom. those who have been to our flat will know that getting this picture would only be possible standing on tipy toes ontop of the rickety toilet but i wanted to show the other of you where the postcards and pictures get put up, thanks to everyone who has sent us cards and been in pictures that are on this wall. the black spot on the floor is diego always on the prowl.

this is my new strawberry jug! cute hey. and delicious snackwiches a 'la ben

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glenwinfield said...

Cool bathroom,Tam!!! Must have been very hot at the ruins...lady of the red dress and matching brolley!!!