Friday, March 11, 2011


Anne and i hard at work editing the engrish is their catalogue! what a job

the office. it is very small for the amount of people that walk in and out everyday. only 2 people have fixed desks, everyone else just has to find a space. there can be 2-13 people working in the office on any given day. they do a lot of things out of the office so you never quite know whose going to be there.

the office is a room inside this warehouse

more warehouse

guess what i found...

the point of this picture is not to show you the idiot that spray painted their burgular bars white without protecting their shutter first, or the ridiculous posing shadow. it is to show you that today! there was sunshine!!!! and i had a shadow!

so i was trying to sneakily take a photo of this little doggie trolley for when your dog comes shopping in ikea!

i wish i lived here so i could buy this and put it in my house!

shopping at ikea and standing infront of auchan

a gift from venice from a colleague

cakes come in these beautiful boxes!

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