Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Happenings.


Picking and Paying.
Tons of cats.

And more cats.

Viles of poison!

Boxes of stuff.

Calcified crocodile tails! I think, I could be wrong. Still learning Italian ;)

Great selection of tomoto sauce. No Wellingtons!

Blurry sliding in Villa Glori.

The slopey pedestrian pathway hill we practiced on.

Spagna at night. Heading to Mondopop.

Mondopop exhibition.
Crazy Italian movie poster.

The store at Trastevere we were late for.
Interesting builing in Trastevere.

A crazy old door to a crazy old man's house. I think. We couldnt actually open it.

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glenwinfield said...

And if you could open it, what then?!!!