Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain. Rain. RAIN. Rain. Whoops. Rain. Rain.

So it rained in the morning.

And it rained in the evening!

It rained so much that the bus broke down.

And then we had to wait until another one came, one that wasn't packed so much that we jammed the doors not allowing them to close which resulted in us not being able to climb in!

We eventually arrived home. 3 hours later. Wet, cold, hungry, needing the toilet, and wet. Oh and it rained so much that our umbrellas stopped working. FAIL.

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Clare said...

hahahaha and you have to avoid all the guys who somehow manage to appear only on rainy days with a stash of umbrellas ("guarde chovers") or plasic rain covers ("capa de agua")ready to verbally ambush, repeatedly, anyone not in posession of an umbrella at the exact moment that it starts raining...tiourists are favourite idea where they got their built-in rain sensors from but they sure are accurate.