Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Job Hunting in Roma

So the past week and a bit I have been hunting for a job. By 'hunting' it is assumed that you presumably find what it is you are looking for. But like all buried treasure it takes a lot of digging. So lets recap. I have gone to most Irish/English restaurants, English Bookstores, and Art Galleries. Seems the Irish have more of a presence in Roma than the Brits do, even though the British embassy is an epic looking construction, like some sort of spaceship on stilts (check it out British Embassy).

Last night was my first night session of hunting. I was told to come back after 8.30pm to speak to the owners of two bars. After sitting through the whole first half of a Italian soccer match waiting for the owner he told me he was looking for only girls, but if none came in two weeks he would call me. I then headed off to Piazza Venezia, and from there a quick walk to the next place. On my way there I came across a hobo lady with no pants and undies on.... need I say more. So aside from her I've seen: a guy with a gangreen foot; man with no hands; burn victim; homeless lady on bus that smelt like poop; homeless guy on tube that smelt like poop (dont know how he got there).
Anyway. Where was I? Oh the second bar of the evening. The response from them was that if I didnt speak Italian it wouldn't help me. I said I was willing to try, but nope.

So my bar and bookstore options are getting narrow. I've posted an ad on a website called Kijiji offering English tutoring, and an entry about offering illustration and graphic design work. Also looking at restoration work. Seen a bunch of old guys working on gilded picture frames in different little shops around Roma. Asked the one guy if he needed an assistant. Nope. He doesn't. Making a list of others to harasses. Cool. Ciao for now.

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glenwinfield said...

Well done for your perseverance,Ben! It is obviously proving to be very difficult to find a job and you are certainly using your imagination!