Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colosseo 2

this is the outside...

now for the inside. on the right has all been reconstructed in brick. the whole structure is basically falling apart because the marble outer layer of the entire structure was stripped and pillaged to be used for other buildings

ben on his audio tour, they hold your passport for deposit of the phone! eek!

so on the right is where the arena floor would be, except all we can see is the underground passages which are now exposed

an uncovered piece of column

kind of like cape town stadium, and it is estimated to hold around the same amount 60 000 people!

these struts are whats left of the stands for the seating

cape town!

in the back section is a reconstructed piece of the floor and seating just above left of the floor, to give you an idea of how it looked, at it looks just like it did in the scene from the movie 'jumper' where they fought in the floor area!

hey look! us at the colosseum!

tam with palatine hill in the background

the capitol building piazza

we can even make flap jacks and drink rooibos in roma!

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glenwinfield said...

Great to see the next lot of pics, guys! Were the flap jacks as flat as the choc chip cookies?!