Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Great Ditch: Circus Maximus.

Circo Massimo. Now just one big ditch.
Walking through the ditch that could once house 250 000 people!
Having some nice, luke-warm pasta. Mmmm...
On the Fiume River. Killing time until 4.00pm when the MACRO art gallery opened.
Tam hanging with Pawel Althamer's Self Portrait.

So after waking up pretty late (those darn blinds keep all the light out) we got ready for our outing. Made some ravioli for lunch and packed it into our bag and off we went. Our first stop was Circo Massimo. One metro stop past the Colosseo. The Circus Maximus was once a glorious chariot racing circuit, but since its last race, in 400AD or so, they Roman's have neglected to keep it up to shape. So currently, it is one big ditch. From there we went to a farmers market where they sold all things rare. I can imagine a future where the only places we can get such necessities as fruits and vegetables will be underground markets such as these. From there we went to the art gallery MACRO Testaccio, in Testaccio. We had an hour to kill so we wandered around. The gallery opened at 4.00pm and cost 3 euros because we had our trusty student cards. The exhibition itself was pretty cool as we saw some of the artists whom we had learnt about in varsity, such as Damien Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan, Phillipe Pareno, and Jake and Dinos Chapman. The exhibition was called Plus Ultra and curated by Francesco Bonami. From there we head home. We stopped at a supermarket called Billa and bought some goods. Tam made some roast veggies for supper: Potato, peas, carrots, and tomatoes. Possibly the first time we have eaten any of those things since we have been here.

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