Saturday, March 19, 2011

sunshine and chocolate flapjacks!

collectors item barbies at the toy shop!
oh Edward with your attractive sparkly skin1

hi bella, hi sparkly ken

the park by our work where we went to eat lunch one day. it has no park benches! not one. there are very few benches in italy at all. like youre not supposed to be outside!

Ben came for an interview for a part time job at Maxxi art gallery, i waited on the space sofas 

yes, there are tons of stray cats. but they are all so  fat and lazy, in the neighbourhood around our work, everyday we will se at least 4 plates of varieties of cat food and bowls of water. surrounded by about 3 fat cats.

looking down the street by our work. the lighting was just spectacular

and we think our roads are bad. this is a pothole right by our bus stop and when it is pouring and this fills with muddy water, the cars have fun driving by and splashing you while you wait for your bus, sodden on the pavement

if i had a proper camera..... i could capture such amazing moments

this is another one of our bus stops

looking up the road to our house

looking up the hill to our house.

so chocolate flapjacks for breakfast.

and.. the ingredients: cacao which is actually nesquik because we bought the wrong one,
normal sugar
pizza/focaccia flour which has baking powder in so it shouldnt really be used for pizza
and that lump of white stuff is what the call butter and when i asked why it was so white fabio told me it was because the cows here are white, haha.
so minus the eggs mix it all up and fry. flapjacks are an extremely resourceful food type!


glenwinfield said...

These choc flapjacks look amazing, Tam...despite being make from such weird and wonderful ingredients! And your photos of the sky and clouds ARE spectacular, in spite of being taken with a cellphone! Well done!!

jurgi.d said...

so I just typed a long ass comment and it didn't save... Anyway, fantastic pictures and stories. I really enjoy the "arty pics", so keep it up. I'm also really happy that Benvolio is becoming an Italian Stallion and hanging with all the Guidos :) I'm also so jealous of you guys for getting such a big daily dose of art, much more than me :) Your pics make me want to be in Rome right now.