Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rome sweet Rome

these are two chocolate blocks, look how big they are! you can also buy this chocolate in double thick a4 slabs.

horse and cart near the spanish steps

this is one of the massive mac donalds, its like an underground mall

still macdonalds

when buildings are being restored, they are so kind as to put pictures up infront of the building, so you dont get lost!

this whole street (XX SEPTEMBRE) is lined with orange trees filled with fruit that hangs just out of your reach. there is also a street called regina margarita!

when the going gets tough, the tough chew metal

inside st peters cathedral

it is filled with huge carved marble statues

what a pretty tree

in decathlon, the mega sports store, this is one of the horsie aisles

more isle of horse

looking down decathlon store

our old apartment

they sell cereal in dispensers

i took this photo because up until that point all the tomato slices id seen in rome had been these pale, leached whitish colour and these radiated!

making the most of the rain and dog poop covered sidewalks

this growth like thing is smoked cheese

when everyone sits at the kitchen table, so does maya the kitten, and she watches whats happening

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glenwinfield said...

Thanks for all these great pics, Tam + Ben! Am so enjoying following your Roman adventure! ... Glenda