Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photos posted on facebook before 1st march:

turkish airlines to istanbul

cool remote and many movies to occupy us

free wine and outofthisworld food

flying over east italy

navigating our way via train

supper on night 1, we couldnt find a supermarket for the first 2 days

view from our temporary apartment

All the streets look like this

a fountain

pantheon, which is gigantic
the pantheon, a badly stiitched panoramic

inside the pantheon

our modus transportus

sold to tourist

piazza san pietro- st peters square

the big river that winds through rome

the spanish steps

artists who sell their work at tourist sights

the first caffe latte and coffee we ever ordered from a 'bar' a caffe=coffee and is an italian espresso

eventually we found spar! caloo calay oh fraptuos day

escalators in train stations are very very long

the buiilding opposite the rsa embassy

what a cake!

fontana de trevi

a church by trevi fountain

the shops hide in strange places!

ben in our temporary appartment

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