Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What was that??

So on Sunday we went to check out the Colosseum. The ticket price included visiting the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.
Some crazy Adidas shoes that cost 200 Euros.
We found a really cool market that sold all sorts of things including remote control helicopters!
The view looking back at the Capitol. The security guards here are strange. If they see someone doing something suspicious (like sitting or standing on a ledge) they blow their whistle. The person 'breaking the law' is supposed to be able to know that this whistle-blowing is intended for them which results in much anxious blowing on the security guards part and all other tourists looking around frantically to see whats going on.
Interesting looking guy taking it chilled. His view is the Colosseum.
One of the many large chocolates that have sprung up for Easter.
Apparently these are Mimosas and apparently it was International Women's Day yesterday (8 March). We didnt know either of these things and spent most of the day confused as to what the heck these hay-fever inducing balls of nausea were about that every street vender had. Click here for a Mimosa History.

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